We build diverse community that supports free and open Python tools for processing scientific data. We also build technical skills needed to contribute to open source and that support open science. Join our global community.

Peer review of Python software to support open science

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Python Package Peer Review

We offer peer review of Python software to increase the quality, usability and long term maintenance of the open source tools that drive open science. JOSS accepts our review as theirs so you can get the benefits of pyOpenSci and JOSS through one review.

> Learn more about the benefits of peer review.

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Community Partnerships

We partner with domain-specific scientific Python communities such as Pangeo who want to review affiliated packages. Through this collaboration, we develop community-specific standards that are used in our reviews to evaluate whether a package meets affiliation requirements. This removes the need for communities to develop their own peer review process.

> Learn More About Our Community Partners

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Simplifying Packaging

We are creating a beginner-friendly, community-driven Python packaging guide. Our guide is reviewed by members of the Python Packaging Authority, maintainers of core packaging tools and members of the scientific Python community. It recommends best practices for you to follow when creating a Python package.

> Check out our Python packaging guide

Building Diverse Community Around Python Scientific Software

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Peer Review Mentorship Program

We are building diverse community around the scientific packages that drive open science. We recruit and support editors and reviewers from different backgrounds and gender-identities in each review that we perform.

Are you new to peer review? We got you! We offer a mentorship program for anyone interested in participating in peer review but who might like a bit of support.

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