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pyOpenSci Handbook & Governance#

This guide is designed to define the structure and processes that support operations of pyOpenSci.

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✿ Our Structure and Values ✿

Learn more about the governance structure of pyOpenSci.

✿ Community ✿

Learn more our community.

✿ Code of Conduct ✿

Our code of conduct applies to all members of the pyOpenSci community. And to those participating in pyOpenSci supported events.

✿ Contributing Guide ✿

Our contributing guide applicable to all repositories in our pyOpenSci GitHub organization. You can find specific resources for local development builds of content in individual pyOpenSci repositories.

✿ ✨ Meeting Notes✨

These are notes taken during 2018-2021 - the early meetings when we were developing and founding pyOpenSci.

✿ See our peer review guide ✨

This guide will walk you through the editorial process.

Why pyOpenSci?#

pyOpenSci promotes open and reproducible research through peer-review of scientific Python packages. We also build technical capacity by providing a curated repository of high-quality packages and enabling scientists to write and share their own software. We hope to foster a greater sense of community among scientific Python users so that we can help each other become better programmers and researchers.