About pyOpenSci Packages

pyOpenSci packages are community developed, submitted and reviewed. Anyone is welcome to submit a package to pyOpenSci to be reviewed. Once the package is reviewed, and accepted, pyOpenSci will promote it as a peer-reviewed tool for science!

Learn More About the Review And Submission Process in our online guidebook.

PyOpenSci Accepted Packages

The package below have already been through our review process and are accepted as pyOpenSci packages.


MAINTAINER: Leah WasserMax Joseph

Explore and plot raster and vector spatial data using open source Python tools.


MAINTAINER: Martin Skarzynski

Construct, deconstruct, convert, execute, and prepare slides from Jupyter notebooks.


MAINTAINER: Niels Bantilan

Validate the types, properties, and statistics of pandas data structures

PyOpenSci Packages In Review

Check out our Packages Current Under review in the issues portion of our software-review github repo to see our current community submissions. Anyone is welcome to submit a package to pyopensci.