You’re invited: pyOpenSci’s Open Science Fall Festival 2024

Happening September 28–29th, 2024, the pyOpenSci Open Science Fall Festival will be held entirely online, and be a fantastic opportunity to bring together members of the Python community that create open source, open science tools with the members of the Python community who use these tools. In building this festival, our focus is on a grassroots, community-led event with some big unconference vibes.

While we’re still ironing out some of the details, we know it’ll be a combination of talks, trainings, and opportunites to connect with the community through networking and social events. And we’re working hard to keep ticket costs as accessible as we possibly can.

Clear your calendar, tell your friends!

Abstract shape and line art border, with centered text that reads 'pyOpenSci Save the date. pyOpenSci Open Science Fall Festival. September 28 & 29, 2024. Entirely online! Follow us on socials for more info.,,'
Feel free to download and share our Fall Festival flyer!

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