pyCon 2023 US -David Nicholson Lightning Talk on pyOpenSci Peer Review

David Nicholson, our pyOpenSci Editor in Chief, gave a fantastic lightning talk this year at pyCon US 2023. This year’s pyCon was held in Salt Lake City, Utah in April. David braved the expansive keynote room stage - talking to a gigantic room full of Pythonistas. He spoke about his experience going through our scientific Python software peer review process.

Submitting Crowsetta to pyOpenSci for peer review

Just a few months prior, David had submitted a package he’s been developing called Crowsetta, that helps scientists work with annotations for animal vocalization and bioacoustics data. Given he is the Editor in Chief of our peer review process, we had wonderful volunteers from our editorial team step in to run the review to ensure it wasn’t in any way biased.

Image showing the title slide of David's talk. At the top is says - Sorry this talk doesn't have any ChatGPT. It then says my experience submitting to pyOpenSci. At the bottom you can see david's website (, github NickleDave, Twitter nicholdav and mastodon account
Intro slide for David's Lightning talk at pyCon 2023 US.


In his talk (which was NOT about ChatGPT in case you were wondering :) ), David talked about who was involved and what the process and his experience was like. Check out the video below to learn more!

The talk itself is about 5 minutes long but you can always keep it running to see the other lightning talks posted by the pyCon organizers. All of the pyCon 2023 US talks are online if you want to check out some of the others! You can also check out our pyOpenSci presentation about Python Packaging and experiences with the sprints here if you’d like.

About the pyOpenSci peer review process

Crowsetta went through our pyOpenSci peer review process in the Spring 2023. If you want to check out the review for Crowsetta, click here.. David also took advantage of our partnership with the Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS) which allowed the Crowsetta to become both a vetted pyOpenSci tool and also to get a cross-ref enabled citation from JOSS. Through this partnership JOSS accepts our review as theirs and only reviews the submitted paper.

Learn More

David’s talk can be found in our pyOpenSci Zenodo community, here.

zenodo doi citation for David's lighting talk

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