pyOpenSci Software Peer Review Partnerships#

pyOpenSci collaborates with organizations that support the scientific community.

Software peer review support for scientific communities#

pyOpenSci is launching a prototype collaboration that supports an existing scientific community.

What pyOpenSci provides to existing communities#

In addition to the core benefits that pyOpenSci peer review provides, we also provide infrastructure and resources for:

  • Peer review of tools in the community’s ecosystem

  • Adoption of community specific review standards which will be enforced in addition to our existing review guidelines

  • Maintenance support to maintainers that go through our review.

  • Support for finding a new package maintainer in case the current one needs to step down.

  • A catalog of vetted tools and a community landing page.

Partnership benefits to the broader scientific community#

The benefit of communities partnering with us is:

  • We have a broad view across all scientific ecosystems which will help us to better identify overlap of package functions.

  • We also have broader reach to users of scientific software across the ecosystem.

  • Finally a consolidated peer review process will help enforce standardization of scientific Python packaging and best practices across the ecosystem.