The file In Your Python Open Source Package#

Your package should have a file located the root of the repository. Once you have people using your package, you can consider the package itself as having a community around it. Some of this community uses your tool. These users may have questions or encounter challenges using your package.

Others in the community might want to contribute to your tool. They might fix bugs, update documentation and engage with the maintainer team.

Why you need a code of conduct#

In order to keep this community healthy and to protect yourself, your mainatianer team and your users from unhealthy behavior, it is important to have a code of conduct.

The code of conduct is important as it establishes what you expect in terms of how users and contributors interact with maintainers and each other. It also establishes rules and expectations which can then be enforced if need be to protect others from harmful and/or negative behaviors.

If you are not comfortable with creating your own code of conduct text, we encourage you to adopt the code of conduct language used in the Contributor Covenant. Many other communities have adopted this code of conduct as their own. See the Fatiando a Terra Geoscience Python community’s example here.