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How to publish your Python package documentation online#

We suggest that you setup a hosting service for your Python package documentation. Two free and commonly used ways to quickly create a documentation website hosting environment are below.

  1. You can host your documentation yourself using GitHub Pages or another online hosting service.

  2. You can host your documentation using Read the Docs.

What is Read the Docs ?#

Read the Docs is a documentation hosting service that supports publishing your project’s documentation.

Read the Docs is a fully featured, free, documentation hosting service. Some of its many features include:

  • Is free to host your documentation (but there are also paid tiers if you wish to customize hosting)

  • Automates building your documentation

  • Allows you to turn on integration with pull requests where you can view documentation build progress (success vs failure).

  • Supports versioning of your documentation which allows users to refer to older tagged versions of the docs if they are using older versions of your package.

  • Supports downloading of documentation in PDF and other formats.

  • You can customize the documentation build using a .readthedocs.yaml file in your GitHub repository.

What is GitHub Pages?#

GitHub Pages is a free web hosting service offered by GitHub. Using GitHub pages, you can build your documentation locally or using a Continuous Integration setup, and then push to a branch in your GitHub repository that is setup to run the GitHub Pages web build.

Read the Docs vs GitHub Pages#

GitHub pages is a great option for your documentation deployment. However, you will need to do a bit more work to build and deploy your documentation if you use GitHub pages.

Read the Docs can be setup in your Read the Docs user account. The service automates the entire process of building and deploying your documentation.

If you don’t want to maintain a documentation website for your Python package, we suggest using the Read the Docs website.