More Resources

Here are some links to our resources and related sites:

  • pyOpenSci Github Organization: Contains our software-review repo that hosts the peer-review process. Also contains our guidebook, cookiecutter, and governance repos (see below).

  • pyOpenSci Discourse Forum: Our community forum for discussing all things pyOpenSci. Have feedback or ideas about the review process? Need help finishing or maintaining your Python package? Have a question about how to use one of pyOpenSci’s packages? Our forum is the best place for these types of discussion.

  • pyOpenSci Guidebook: Contains information for package authors and reviewers, including our package guide, our peer review process, and tips for package maintenance. If you are interested in submitting a package to pyOpenSci, start with our author guide and the links within it.

  • pyOpenSci’s Governance Repo: Where we discuss the direction and scope of pyOpenSci. We’re a community organization, so please feel free to create an issue if you have any questions or concerns!

  • pyOpenSci cookiecutter: We created a cookiecutter template to make packaging your python code easier. The cookiecutter follows all our guidelines from our packaging guide.

  • rOpenSci: We draw inspiration from rOpenSci, a community to help promote, teach, and grow best-practices in software development for the Scientific R stack. They have a wonderful array of resources for R, such as their collection of scientific R packages. If you use R, we encourage you to get involved with them.