CONTRIBUTING file and License# File for your Python Package#

Your python package should include a file called located in the root of your repository (with your readme file).

Local development environment information#

The contributing file should include information to support a new contributing building your package locally. This includes:

  • instructions for setting up a development environment locally to work on your package

  • instructions for how the test suite is setup and run

Community contribution guidelines#

This guide should also include information for someone interested in asking questions, submitting issues or pull requests:

  • Any guidelines that you have in place for users submitting issues, pull requests or asking questions.

  • A link to your code of conduct

  • A link to or include how your code of conduct is enforced.


pyOpenSci projects should use an open source software license that is approved by the Open Software Initiative (OSI). OSI’s website has a list of popular licenses, and GitHub has a handy tool for choosing a license.