Meeting Notes 17 May 2021#

tags: Meeting#

  • Date: Nov 1, 2030 2:30 PM (CET)

  • Agenda

  1. Software Review sync 10min

  2. Editorial Board 20min

  • domain area “buckets”

  • how to find editors for each “bucket”

  • onboarding

  1. SciPy mentored sprints 15min

  • Participants:

    • Leah Wasser (LW)

    • Ivan Ogasawara (OW)

    • David Nicholson (DN)


  1. softare review sync

  • devicely

    • ask on twitter about reviewers

    • OW: could act as reviewer, worked on related tool

  • pymedphys

    • LW: pymedphys – actually a set of tools - similar to astropy

  • some issues we should close - close all of the old presumbissions

  1. editorial board

  • Lets start with Ivan, David and Leah

  • We might consider domain “buckets”

  • ROpenSci + JOSS like model

  • who do we want, how long do they serve

  • we have onboarded them

Action Items#

  • LW: close older issues w/invitation to submit

  • LW: will get back to simon about PyMedPhys

  • DN: add suggestion to editor guide to update initial comment w/reviewers etc. so it’s right at top of issue

  • DN: post on twitter asking for reviewrs for devicely

  • DN: figure out if there’s overlap for phylup

  • DN: follow up w/LW + IO about mentored sprints at SciPy

SciPy Mentored Sprints (David) - Tania Allard#

  • they are doing these springs at pycon



  • could we use pyopensci maintainers to participate in the mentored sprints?

    • Have them bring friends who can contribute to the sprints?

    • maintainers would need to identify things to fix

    • Then they would come to the sprint

    • Do they have to register for scipy?

    • sprints are run in discord

    • git help desk

    • maintainers volunteer time to

      • find issues ahead of time

      • work with people who want to submit PRs

      • ask them to do things that aren’t code contributions like run through a tutorial and raise issues, etc.

    • Open science labs - they do hae training materials already in (spanish?)

Challenges with mentored sprints

  • getting envt setup

  • knowing what issue to work on


we will go to scipy and SPY

ducky app for video chat?!