pyOpenSci Meeting Notes - 9 April 2020#


  • Leah Wasser, Earth Lab, CU Boulder

  • Max Joseph, Earth Lab/North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center, CU Boulder

  • Philip Meier, inIT- Institute Industrial IT, TH-OWL (Germany)

  • Jenny Palomino, Earth Lab/North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center, CU Boulder

  • David Nicholson

  • moritz Lurig

  • Daniel Chen, Virginia Tech

Discussion Points#

  • Phenopype – is more on the computer vision end of things so it’s likely in scope for pyopensci. lets request a submission!

    • looking for an editor for this submission

  • Packages that have more advanced algorithms where reviewers might be more limited,

  • We should decvelop a relationship with methods in ecology and evaluations

  • Pystiche – deep learning, goal of reproducing papers in the literature. is likely going to submit to joss regardless…

    • to review this – we’d want to ensure reviewers could assess the “correctness”

    • Maybe one reviewer with domain depth in neural style transfer to focus on the correctness of the implementation, and another reviewer with a background in deep learning with pytorch and some python library dev. experience that would evaluate the docs, tests, etc.

Testing & Pyopensci#

obspy – we should make a decision

Provide a few options for him to fix this issue:

  • Are there options to pull out pieces of it for pyopensci vs io stuff that might be more difficult to get passing tests?

  • Are there things we could do to support them in fixing the test like mocking servers…