pyOpenSci Meeting Notes - 3 October 2019#


  • Leah Wasser (Earth Lab - CU Boulder)

  • Kirstie Whitaker (Alan Turing Institute, London, UK)

  • Luiz Irber (DIB Lab - UC Davis)

  • Jenny Palomino (Earth Lab - CU Boulder)

  • Carson Farmer (Textile - Remote/Victoria, B.C, Canada)

  • Chris Holdgraf (UC Berkeley)

  • Kylen Solvik (Earth Lab - CU Boulder)

  • Sander van Rijn (Leiden University, the Netherlands) (last ~10 minutes)


  1. Software list is live on the website! TODO: change this to a _data yaml file driven script

    • Pull request to show how to update the website:

    • Example file:

    • Chris: can we automated this

    • idea: could we pull this from the setup?? write .a script the parses the metadata in the file!

    • Can we find a standard that people are cementing around?? or do we develop one??

    • json file

    • Codemeta

      • codemeta example:

    • Ask ropensci – how do they update their database of packages?

      • Looks like they do use CodeMeta.json:

      • and they have a package to generate it:

    • mailing list – to get notified of new packages?? this could have new releases, etc

      • We could also post updates on discourse –

      • ROpenSci newsletter:

        • KW: Archives exist, you can go read them after the fact, really nice to be able to see progress - especially to keep people involved while the community is still quite small.

  2. Max fixed apveyor on our cookiecutter (thanks Ivan for the input on that as well!! )

  3. Let’s update contributors – please submit a PR if your name isn’t there OR add your name to the list below

    • <- scroll down to see the list of contributors

      • What about using the badges to label folks:

        • , ,

      • <- chris tried this! It’s really difficult to customise :grimacing:

    • your name here

    • your name here

    • your name here

  • Leah can write a little scripts to part a list of collaborators (and will mimic this code approach for the software package list! )

Create: contributors.yml

- Name
  - Institution
  - Role
  - GitHub handle
  • Here’s an example from a project I run (Kirstie) if you want some raw info in a table:

    • profile picture: (just add .png to the username)

  1. AGU Town Open Hall (overall ideas for session)

  2. Twitter – let’s get some tweets going. does anyone want to write tweets for a week or two? either take over the account or just write some and we will schedule them for you?

  3. Software Review Update When an editor emails a reviewer. We can tell them they have a week

  • Have some language in email template:

  • But don’t reference this timeline anywhere else in guidelines or editor guide

My name is Brooke Anderson, and I'm an editor at rOpenSci. We appreciate your help in reviewing previous packages, and I'm writing to ask if you would be willing to review another package for rOpenSci.

The package, exoplanets by Tyler Littlefield, provides access to NASA's Exoplanet Archive database. You can find it on GitHub here: We conduct our open review process via GitHub as well, here: [

If you accept, note that we ask reviewers to complete reviews in three weeks. (We’ve found it takes a similar amount of time to review a package as an academic paper.)

Our reviewers guide ( details what we look for in a package review, and includes links to example reviews. Our standards are detailed in our packaging guide (, and we provide reviewer template ( for you to use. Please make sure you do not have a conflict of interest ( preventing you from reviewing this package. If you have questions or feedback, feel free to ask me or post to the rOpenSci forum (

Are you able to review? If you can not, suggestions for alternate reviewers are always helpful. If I don't hear from you within a week, I will assume you are unable to
review at this time.
  • Pandera (Almost approved!! just a few minor items)

    • A few docstring updates

    • Add to website (via pr to website)

    • EarthPy - new editors and reviewers?

      • Leo answered last week, he can’t do it but has someone that also reviews for JOSS to recommend.


      • Martin - one of the other packages submitted? should we consider reviewing one of those?

    • Other points of discussion?

  1. Personas and pathways task

    • This was supposed to be done by Kirstie last week…..and she just didn’t get around to it :grimacing:

    • Actioned to do before Monday!

    • Idea: Pull out some of the ways of contributing from the emoji key to stimulate ideas about a very diverse community of contributors

      • Question for this group: If one person came along and contributed in one way, which would be the emoji you’d most want them to identify with.

      • eg: 📝 write a blog, 👀 review a package, 💻 submit a package, 🎨 make the website look beautiful etc etc etc :smile:

        • Another suggestion: have a person help with infrastructure 🚇 and automation (tools 🔧) pieces so we can remove the number of human-in-the-loop tasks that need to be manually done


what are the groups that we want ?

channel for contributors where we can store things like lists of participants at events?

  • Kirstie suggests that we manage people

  • gdpr compliant database? (tiny letter)– similar or the same as mail chimp. will have to look into this a bit more about how we keep and share contact lists…

  • Could we add them to discourse in a particular channel.


  • get luiz the drive spreadsheet of names

    • use chris’ private room to add documents like the list of names… –

  • website updates - package lists,

  • Reviewer guide update: links to actual pyOpenSci reviews, clear expectations section at the top (Kylen)