pyOpenSci Meeting Notes - 20 September#

Time: 5pm UTC


  • Leah Wasser (CU Earth Lab, University of CO - Boulder)

  • Kirstie Whitaker (Alan Turing Institute, London, UK) - no video

  • Max Joseph (CU Earth Lab, CU Boulder)

  • Ivan Ogasawara (Quansight)

  • ~~Luiz Irber (UC Davis)~~ I can’t join the meeting today =/


  1. Welcome new folks!!!

    • please be sure to add your name to the attendees above!

  2. Direct Communication – Gitter came up as one way to directly communicate with each other and ask questions that might be quicker than discourse? (related to discussions Ivan)

    • some people might find using gitter disruptive . but it could good for quick questions.

  3. How do we keep our contributor lists up to date? should we do old school pr approach for the time being until the bot works the way we’d like?

    • rOpenSci uses airtable: 5. How do people find * Packages that are under review * Packages that have been reviewed / accepted? THIS PR would allow people to add their packages via a single page. * Maybe it makes sense for editors handling a submission to move the project to new columns (e.g., completed) in the Projects for pyOpenSci Project setup:

  • so maybe we can followup with them about how they approach this tracking of reviewers…?

For now

  • use the project board on github to manage . there is a way to automate it being done –

    • Moving things to the “Done” board automagically:

    • leah will merge the PR for adding packages to the website

  1. Townhall – we could get one through esip for pyopensci

    • is anyone going to be at AGU?leo and Lindsey will be there (Joel Hamman and other Pangeo folks?)

    • oh right! i bet joe will be there!!


  • it’s not clear how people can be involved.

  • how do we make the communication better so people

    • if you are jealous of ropensci but are a python user – you should come

      • Luiz: I think this is good, but somewhat niche (how many people know rOpenSci?). I like Daniel approach in the podcast (below), targeting it to data science users in general

Suggestion on Getting Feedback

  • Hold a webinar on pyopensci – and the workflow

  • Kirstie – has a lot of experience with comms and will open

    • share the previous notes -

  1. cookiecutter updates:

    • TODO: Max will see whether we can get PyUp to work with the dev_requirements.txt file(s) in the repo

Next Steps#

  • Leah will coordinate a town hall at AGU

  • Webinar on what is pyopensci

  • Work on communication

    • Avoid the perception that we are a closed group operating alone.

    • Tweet more about the group, it’s open, anyone can come even if you don’t have time to volunteer… or if you don’t know how you might participate.

      • why get involved?

      • Anyone can come

      • free reviews!!

    • If felt like a group coming up with an idea… it’s not a finished product, people can contribute to development of it.


      • Tweeting from the individual people could be more powerful. People don’t know who pyopensci is. messaging. highlight members of the community.

        • can our team commit to tweeting from their accounts

        • TweetDeck has a team account feature:

        • ok we may want our group to tweet from pyopensci and then they could retweet .

  • Schedule a webinar (thanks ivan) on what is pyopensci, who si involved and how can you get involved.

  • Start a tweet campaign. everyone on our team writes tweets and pyopensci posts them tagging that user as a way to increate visibility but also put names to who is involved with pyopensci.


  1. Retweet on pyopensci account: (very nice shoutout!)

    • Episode:

  2. (Luiz) Unrelated: I saw the conda-forge meeting notes this week, I like the format:

[name=Leah Wasser] i like those meeting minutes luiz!! thanks for sharing that. i also love that idea of getting shoutouts from podcast accounts and such!!