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pyOpenSci Meeting Notes - 22 August 2019#


Leah Wasser (Earth Lab) Chris H (at Pangeo conference but added notes below) Luiz Irber Mike Trizna Max Joseph (Earth Lab) Ivan Ogasawara (@xmnlab) Quansight Tania Allard (Microsoft) David Nicholson


  1. Will anyone be at pydata (New York)? @noamross had a few talk ideas but wanted to know if anyone from this team might be there. i will not. please let us know if you will be there!

    • offer noam resources to help build his talk and include pyopensci??

  2. Mechanisms to ensure the review process happens in a timely manner: How do we handle timing of things when people are busy? setup a chain of command where the person who may be overwhelmed with things on their plate, suggests alternative folks to step in?

    • Maybe we can have something in writing for what happens when people don’t have time to complete a review.

    • If it’s the maintainer – maybe we don’t give them deadlines??

    • Tania – Joss guidelines / expectations – out of office bot??

      • the bot will provide a message if you are not in the office… editorial guide . –

      • let’s check ropensci’s timeline too?? https://devguide.ropensci.org/guide-for-authors.html

      • editor respond within 5 business days

      • reviewers – within 3 weeks

      • authors respond within 2 weeks

  • Tania – sometimes changes can take a long time! (8 months even) – note this was an exceptionally long time for a submission

    • luiz – sometimes the maintainer might need support / help to implement changes - some mentorship might be required

  1. getting caught up on items such as review that are behind (we have a few that are behind and a few new packages to discuss!!)

    • Erdapy (Filipe)

      • Leah will followup with

    • Earthpy

        • Important: the clip module is moving to geopandas now!!! yay!

      • luiz will followup to get the review going - be it with two new reviewers or one or if people have time they can do the review.

    • one new submission - pandera (cosmicbboy)

      • max – max is happy to implement the first review

      • ivan – ivan will followup –

    • one new pre-submission: pyBHL

      • LUIZ: This is great!! because JOSS doesn’t accept API wrappers

      • David is happy to review when this is submitted!

  2. funding for someone who can be a full time editor and community person

[name=Chris H] I can help w/ this in the coming weeks. Do we have an ongoing conversation with Moore on this, or has it been a while since we’ve discussed with them? I’ve heard Moore may be stepping back from funding some of this stuff, so we may need to explore other sources [name=Leah w] Sloan just approached me to review something so i’d be happy to explore both moore and sloan?? Tracy said moore might support this BUT that was … gosh 6 months ago. maybe we can divide and conquer to decide??

  • ropensci unconference – could we find sponsors for this ?? (max) - microsoft, rstudio …

    • Tania – microsoft reactors – leah can email Tania – san fransi

      • https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/reactor/

    • Ivan is at quansight – they might be able to support an unconference as well…

Next steps * work on that overview document – * add discsusion of unconference event and outcomes and what support we would need, * what having 1-2 people full or part time would add to the effort.. * computational infrastructure, such as a GitHub pro level for organization, Zoom account etc. ??

  1. wrap up items that were done / not done after the last meeting.

    • adding contributors to our docs like jupyter has (chris??)

[name=Chris H]I’m not sure where I put it, but I can’t find my suggestion now. I’m wondering whether folks are interested in just using the all contributors bot for this. It’s a github bot that you can use to add people’s images to the README (or the docs)

[name=Leah Wasser] i’ve used the bot! it’s really nice but my experience was it didn’t support ``.Rst` for docs. Chris – did you find a way around that?? i’m happy to consider using it as it works really well otherwise.

Does it work with markdown??

  • Looks like it does based on the commit history of their repo’s README.md file: https://github.com/all-contributors/all-contributors/blob/master/README.md

ISSUE HERE: https://github.com/pyOpenSci/pyopensci.github.io/issues/4

– luiz can look into this!

  • AGU?

[name=Chris H] I’m around the Bay Area, so happy to stop by if I can be helpful for a session or something

Next Steps#

  • Leah will followup on funding

    • Tracy and/or Neil – Moore

    • Sloan (jeremy?)

    • add to 2-3 pager text about the unconference event and what type of staff we’d like to have working on this

  • Luiz will look into the all-contrbutors bot to use in our repo to track who’s contributing.

  • Luiz will look for two new (potentially) reviewers for earthpy or will checkin with reviewers aout it…

  • We have two reviewers for pandera: max and ivan, leah will be the editor

  • Followup on erdapy (leah can ping filipe)