pyOpenSci Meeting Notes - 18 April 2019#


  • Leah Wasser - CU Boulder

  • Jenny Palomino - CU Boulder

  • Kylen Solvik - CU Boulder

  • Filipe Fernandes - NOAA

  • Carson Farmer - External advisor,

  • Luiz Irber - DIB Lab, UC Davis

  • Neil Chue Hong - Software Sustainability Institute / University of Edinburgh

  • Gui Castelao - Scripps Institution of Oceanography


  1. Help request issue template vs discuss


    • how can we help submittors??

  2. Discuss setup!!

    • Issues vs forum for help reviewing / submitting a package?

      • Issues might be more complicated for new comers and also more difficult to find

      • Users can’t close issues… indexing gets complicated

      • Leah will send email to group to get others’ opinions

      • Kylen HAS ADDED github login

    • what forum topics do we want?

      • welcome // start here ?? pinned at the top of the page when you login

      • Help

      • Add a pinned post – welcome to pyopensci

      • Examples:



  3. Bi-weekly vs every 3 week meeting schedule??

    • consensus is that 3 weeks would be OK, just want to be sure that mechanism to vote is provided for those who can’t attend the meeting

      • Works for me (Neil Chue Hong, watching notes doc only)

      • HI NEIL!! (from Leah)

    • expect updated calendar invite from Leah

  4. Arfon’s comments about JOSS

Just following up on this. We discussed this potential collaboration at the JOSS editorial telecon last week and people were generally supportive of the idea.

There was some minor feedback about the language you have in the ‘JOSS Checks’ section of this document - the suggestion was that you might want to be more specific about JOSS criteria here including the fact that we don’t allow ‘thin API wrappers’ etc. but this might be handled by the fact that you ask submitters to review the JOSS submission criteria.

Other than that I think we’re ready to start accepting submissions into JOSS under the same terms as rOpenSci whenever you’re ready.

  • Our Fix:

  • if this looks ok we can send it to Arfon.

  • Note: JOSS is part of The Open Journals:

  1. – ropensci interaction?? how should we interact

    • maybe a starting bridge could be whedon the bot! given ropensci is interested in implementing this as well

  2. BoF Submission (Leah do this)

    • Lindsey Heagy (UC Berkeley - co-organizer of BoFs) will be invited to join the pyOpenSci meetings

    • Chris is a backup moderator; Filipe will also be at SciPy

    • Leah to request to SciPy to not schedule pyOpenSci BoF at the same time as BoF organized by Rich Signell (USGS)

    • Luiz will be at PyCon in a few weeks

      • they have informal meetings open to conference participants

      • Luiz can let us know if there is something we can do to support this

  3. Moore 2-3 pager

    • what is our strategy?

    • Everyone review this 2 page doc before next meeting in three weeks

    • (Neil asks) which Moore program is this being directed towards?

      • Tracy Teal suggested we talk to more but i’m not sure which program she was focused on

      • Possibly Data Driven Innovation, which is Chris Mentzel - I’m in regular contact with Chris, so could run a 2 pager past him, or ask for earlier scoping advice if you’d like

      • That would be amazing if you could do that for us!! thank you. the scoping advice would be great. – Chris M is a name she mentioned! perfect.

    • another approach is running a hackathon to figure more details, this is an example that they funded

    • goals before asking for $$

      • what do we ask for – unconference event?

    • Small development grants – 3000$ twice a year – may be good to start conversation with NumFocus


      • two to three times a year

    • esip lab incubator –

  4. Earthpy Submission! (Leah will submit for May 1)

    • Carson will review!!

Thank you Neil!! talk soon!!