Meeting Notes - 7 Dec 2018#


  • Leah Wasser

  • Max Joseph

  • Jenny Palomino

  • Kylen Solvik

Agenda Items#

  • pyopensci repo

  • 1-pager - Moore funding

  • chat with Tracy Teal (Carpentries)

  • Meet our new GRA!! Kylen!

pyopensci repo#

  • will meet with Stefan (current owner) next week or the week after??

Notes from conversation with Tracy#

  • Write a good 1 pager

  • Don’t worry to much about governance for the 1 pager but do include initial staffing needs

    • Community person

    • Developer

    • Leadership time (% salary)

    • rOpenSci is run through UC Berkeley for these positions

      • good to find out details (e.g. does UCB receive overhead funds? ask for an example budget?)

  • Our one pager can be pitched to Moore Foundation

  • Possibility of more opensci communities (e.g. *opensci or xopensci)

    • we can think about this as we design our process (e.g. guidelines for review and inclusion), so that working together in the future would be easier

  • One pager:

  • Leah to ask Tracy what should be prioritized on the 1 pager

Concept Ideas for 1 pager#

  • difference from rOpenSci:

    • capacity building for training scientists on:

      • how to contribute to open source

      • partnership with Carpentries by providing content and leveraging their training capabilities

  • have a developer that helps with improving/building packages as needed

  • focus on expanding package ownership and community around packages, rather than on building tools

  • provide concrete examples of how we intend to build community and what the community can accomplish