Mission and values#

The mission of pyOpenSci is to support diverse community around the free, open python tools that drive open, reproducible scientific workflows.

We support our mission by:

  • building community capacity to contribute to open software

  • Creating community

  • Open peer review

  • Training and mentorship

Why do we support open science?#

Science is now data-driven. And as such, data science supports scientists processing the data that they need to address critical questions.

We value open science workflows because they allow scientists to build upon each others work rather than recreating already developed workflows. Building on top of existing workflows supports science developing and evolving at a quicker pace.

Why is (free) and open source so important?#

Open source software refers to the tools that scientists (and others) use to process data. Free and open software is critical to science as it allows scientists to freely access the tools that they need to process their data. If the tools are free and open, then it lowers barriers for others to use them without having to pay costly subscription fees.

This free and open source software is critical to supporting development of open scientific workflows

pyOpenSci Values#

Some of our core values include:

  • pyOpenSci values supportive, diverse community members

  • pyOpenSci values empowerment community members through training and mentorship

  • pyOpenSci values collaboration with existing communities

  • pyOpenSci values open reproducible science

Members of the pyOpenSci editorial team have diverse backgrounds. We welcome editors from academia, government, and industry. We especially welcome applications from prospective editors who will contribute to the diversity (ethnic, gender, disciplinary, and geographical) of our board. We also value having a range of junior and senior editors.