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Got a Packaging Question?

If you are a scientist and have a question about packaging, our discourse forum is the place for you. We have volunteers from the pip and conda / conda-forge packaging ecosystem that can help you find the answers that you need. You can also ask questions about peer review there.

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Submit a Scientific Python Package for Review

Are you developing or maintaining a scientific Python package that is in scope for our peer review process? If so, consider submitting it for peer review. We partner with JOSS so you can submit to us and JOSS will accept our review as theirs. They then just review your paper. It’s a win/win! Check out our author guide to learn more about the process. Pro-tip: If you still aren’t sure if your package is in scope for us, you can submit a pre-submission inquiry.

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Review our Packaging Guide

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes. Our community-driven Python packaging guide goes through extensive community review however there are still always typos to be found. If you find a typo in any of our guides (or on this website), we welcome big, small or somewhere in between sized pull requests on GitHub to fix any typos or grammatical errors. If you find something that seems incorrect or you’re not quite ready to submit a pull request we also welcome issues identifying the problem!

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Ways you can help us

Are you interested in volunteering to support the broader open science community and to help pyOpenSci grow?

Lend a Hand on GitHub

Got some time to help? Check out our GitHub Project Board for a list of current issues that we could use help with. Any issue that is tagged help-wanted in our repos is also fair game for anyone to tackle! We add anyone who contributes to pyOpenSci to our community page.

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Sign up to be a reviewer for us.

Finding reviewers is one of the more challenges parts of running a peer review process. We are always looking for new reviewers from a broad range of scientific domains. Some reviewers have extensive packaging expertise and others have domain expertise. We think that mix is great. So sign up today! If you are new to reviewing we are happy to support you through our peer-review mentorship program.

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Interested in Being an Editor?

We also often recruit new editors to support our peer review process. Keep an eye out on our discourse forum for calls for new editors. In the meantime if you are interested in learning more about the editor role, check out our peer review guidebook.

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There are many ways for you to get involved with pyOpenSci!

Stay in the loop

If the above is too much for you, you can also follow us online to stay in the loop.