Presubmission Questions and Help

If you have questions about whether your package fits with pyOpenSci or would like help preparing for submission, we can help! You can submit a presubmission inquiry if you're unsure if your package fits with pyOpenSci or have other questions. Submit a request for help if you would like some assistance preparing your package for review, including things like writing a test suite and enabling continuous integration.

Presubmission Questions

If your package does not clearly fit within one of the categories outlined in our scope, create a Presubmission Inquiry issue in our software-review repo. You can use the same issue template if you have other questions. An editor will get back to you in a few days to answer your questions.

Package Prep Help

If you would like help preparing your package for review, create a Help Request issue in the software-review repo. We can assign someone to help you prep your code and add things like testing, documentation, and/or continuous integration. We're happy to help. Also check out the rest of our Packaging Guide, which may help answer some of your questions about packaging your code.