The Peer Review Process

These pages contain information about the peer review process.

The Peer Review Timeline

  • Pre-submission: If you are unsure if your package fits within the scope of the pyOpenSci suite, create a pre-submission inquiry issue on the pyopensci/software-review repository. An editor will respond within a few days to let you know if we can review your package at this time. For more info, see the “Aims and Scope” section of this guide.

  • To submit a package for review, the author must initiate a review request in the pyopensci/software-review repo by creating an issue.

  • An editor will review your submission within 1 week and respond with next steps. The editor may assign the package to reviewers, request that the package be updated to meet minimal criteria before review, or reject the package due to lack of fit or overlap.

  • If your package meets minimal criteria, the editor will assign 1-3 reviewers. They will be asked to provide reviews as comments on your issue within 3 weeks.

  • We ask that you respond to reviewers’ comments within 2 weeks of the last-submitted review, but you may make updates to your package or respond at any time. Here is an author response example. We encourage ongoing conversations between authors and reviewers. See the reviewing guide for more details.

  • Once your package is approved, we will provide further instructions about the transfer of your repository to the pyOpenSci repository.