Author’s Guide

These pages contain guides for authoring packages that will go through the pyOpenSci review process. This includes best-practices and guidelines for structuring and releasing your code, as well as considerations to take before you begin your submission.

Code Style

pyOpenSci encourages authors to consult PEP 8 for information on how to style your code.

Packaging Guide

The first section of this guidebook has info for creating and packaging your Python project for review and release. The guide also includes info on the basic requirements for pyOpenSci: testing, continuous integration, documentation, etc.

We also have a section about releasing your package on PyPI, but we encourage you to wait until after the pyOpenSci review process has finished before uploading to PyPI. This makes it easier to incorporate changes/suggestions from the reviews.

PyPI also has a short tutorial on how to package a Python project for easy installation.